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    why do people surf shipsterns? nobody ever makes it

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    People make it in the video you sent. maybe they like to skateboard on water.

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    guys make that wave all the time. i counted at least 3 cleanly made waves right at the beginning of that video.
    here's another:

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    out of 20 rides 3 are made. and wiping out there looks very painful. the staircasing there is nuts

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    njsurfer thats gotta be the cleanest wave ive seen ridden there

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    Because they can!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fossil View Post
    Because they can!
    Because you can't!!

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    Because it's a heavy growling makeable barrel and some dudes like to get as close to death and injury as possible. I know you standup guys wouldn't watch a bodyboarding vid, but if you were so inclined, there's some sick helmet cam footage of there in the Custom X 6 Months dvd.

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    did anyone see the surfline feature a while back where a guy chugs a beer in a shipsterns barrel?

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    Because they aren't work a day hacks or students like us. You get a wave there and the photo makes the magazines, you're getting some dead presidents in your pocket.

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