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    Yes i have. I was almost set on one.I find those boards very intriguing I like what the germs doing with that hull thing, However i think I'm set with a small wave board i was looking for something right in between a groveler and standard shorty.
    Thanks for your help tho

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    If you're going commercial, get a Mini Driver or Sub Driver.

    If you're going awesome, order a Coil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erock View Post
    If you're going commercial, get a Mini Driver or Sub Driver

    If you're going awesome, order a Coil.
    Saw a pic yesterday in the Surfer mag email I get every month of some ol boy named Mike Regis(?) on what looked like a Qualifier. First time I remember seeing one in the pages of Surfer. He was surfing someplace called the OBX in some other place called North Carolina. I figure you prolly know where that is.

    Anyway, dude was all shacked up on what looked like some golf ball-skinned, alien board. Crazy thing was, the article kept referring to how these guys were surfing in coffee, mocha or latté water. So does that mean they don't have to stop at Starbuck's before surfing? Sweet! Must've been an iced latte, they we're all wearing a lot of cold water gear. When you get shacked in coffee, is it still the green room? I wonder where the beer surfing is?

    Coil, how long's the waiting list? Worth it.

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    I reccomend a Rich Price Transformer II epoxy. I'm 5'10 185 and my 6'0 is incredible. It must have something to do with the rocker and the width and thickness forward that Rich uses. It catches the smallest waves so easy and with the 5 fin set up I ride it in anything from waist high gulf mush to 2-4 overhead in Puerto Rico. I probably sound like a salesman for him but I'm not. I just have been surfing since the mid 70's and I have to say with the 5 fin set up this is the best and most versatile board I have ever owned.

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    Yeah the rich price is pretty similar to a board i have,buts it is a blast. I really thinking lost. Just need some help between beach buggy or sub driver
    Thanks for your help