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Your the first person I ever heard that from. I've read hundreds of ride reports and none negative. There are lots of people getting plenty of air on them and the boards take a pounding. This is all I have heard.
The rails on my qualifier are a little rounder than I like. But, I bought it used not custom, so maybe they don't all come like that. It does seem to have tendency to bog down if the waves are not big, fast and lined up glass. It's a little too light to be a good chop hopper. You really gotta get heavy on the front foot when there's any texture, the first time caught me by surprise. It is nice to be able to carry a board with two fingers though. However, when we get that golden hour of HH+ glass, it's good to go and what I reach for. I bought mine as a step-up/travel board though, not a groveler or everyday board.