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    From Geoff McCoy (May 2011) whom the Swaytrolls are attempting to invoke to discredit my rail designs:


    I have a good look at your website, absolutely amazing your craftsmanship creativity is mind blowing, great stuff and your asking price must surely take surfboard building to a new level of awareness.

    If I were you I would ignore the people who do not understand and cannot afford to buy your product, they do not matter, you will survive longer than the young guy who is the latest promotion by the magazines who are dominated by the big 3, Q,RipC and Billabong, what you are doing is far more valuable then anorexic Al Merrick board for $850Aust with a life expectancy of 6 to 12 months, my advice is ignore the ignorant and produce value for money, take care."

    Keep surfin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roy Stuart View Post
    Resin coating and gilding completed:

    Hi Roy,
    how much does this board cost?

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    The price is 1.47 million USD

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    I just checked with an escort, she said she could give me a hot carl for under $100.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roy Stuart View Post

    I went to that show, incredible surfboards! Definitely the cream of the crop when it came to surfboard shapers. I saw Mark Richards whip a piece of foam into art in less than an hour. Whoo Boy! Still broken hearted that he's not 7' tall. Took a foot off every wave I've ever seen him on. Heck Roy that's a nice pic, didn't see any of your boards, were you there?

    I took these, which is why they look like crap.

    Here's some nice wood boards.

    Here's the abalone inlay on the Yater.

    I've met that guy on the right, Mike something or other somewhere. Can't remember off the top of my head. That's gonna bother me.

    Thrailkill is a real interesting dude. Definitely a charger way back when. Rode some real big waves back in the day, shaped some boards that rode some real big waves. See a lot of his boards on walls in North County. Upstanding and respected member of the community.

    Heck, I've heard state legislators say worse things over a dinner table than that. Y'all Kiwis are an urbane people I suppose, of delicate sensibilities.
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    We wish him bon appetit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roy Stuart View Post
    Cheers Steve, I see that certain Swaylocks trolls are having a field day, it is fortunate for them that I can't post there or I would take them apart brick by brick!

    They post a lot of nonsense actually, for example the claim that the majority of people who have ridden the 13 ft Ghost board think it is a joke, In fact almost all those who have ridden it have praised the way it rides in no uncertain terms.

    They also go on about my supposedly wild claims, but the only time they actually say what these claims are they post claims which I have never made.

    The allegations that my boards don't achieve the 'fundamentals' of design are also ludicrous and without substance, they are clinging desperately to industry myths.

    As for the allegation that I have an overblown ego, I don't understand what that means so can't answer it... it lacks any real content in surfboard design terms.

    Perhaps they should post their waist measurements when commenting?

    Here's Bill Thraillkill the mortgage broker of 'hoax fin' fame ( on the left ) he once told a surfermag forum member that he would sue him and make him sell his kidneys to pay for having mocked him via parody... one couldn't make these people up:

    So you are posting a defense of things said about you on another forum, on this forum. I am not sure if that is ego or just a mental disorder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roy Stuart View Post
    ... they are clinging desperately to industry myths.
    Which myths are you referring to? I'm not clear on what an "industry myth" is... can you give a few examples?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    Which myths are you referring to? I'm not clear on what an "industry myth" is... can you give a few examples?
    Don't you think you're asking for a little too much?? lol.

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    There are some members of Swaylocks that love to trash my recent build which was inspired by Roy's work. These people make posts trashing the design but can't seem to provide any good explanation. I have heard things like "it won't work because round rails grab water instead of releasing it". That's the level of thinking in that forum.