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Thread: Tow At !!

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    in Mother Russia, save ski for Mountain, use horse instead!

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    I'm sorry dude... I did not mean to insult your intelligence. Nor was I taking the topic serious... I agree with almost everything you say as well as most of the others. I just disagree when people say what you're "supposed" to do when the waves are tiny... Personally I choose to fish or bike. But I don't tell some one that wants to SUP that it's stupid and they should fish if it's flat.
    I hate ski's for the most part. When I'm plugging in dead calm water and 5 guido's whip by at 70 mph i want to kill them... But if someone does the right thing and brings their ski to a secluded place (which you can find on a ski) that's cool with me

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    that's not even close to being an accurate comparison or analogy & it's insulting to my intelligence.

    tow-ats when it's small/flatwning a boat to fish::engaging in other water activities when it's flat:fishing only by handline

    i think you're starting to take this whole thing a little too seriously. i personally don't see the appeal & find jetskis to be obnoxious & a blight on the water. i see them as useful for the 2 previously mentioned things & that's all.