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    Cool Indo Advice

    Yo Dudes! I'm trying to get to indo for the entire month of August. I would like to avoid the crowds and don't need to party every night. I'm intermediate-advanced surfer and seek forgiving points, reefs and tubes. I found a decent surf camp called Mandiri Beach club (fly into Jakarta). Can my 9'0 and 7'0 survive?

    Anybody know of any gems that are safe for the solo American surfer? Thanks in advance for any stellar advice.

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    Are you going to Bali? If so you fly into Denpassar

    Get the Indo Surf and Lingo book...Published by a guy from Austrailia.


    I will cover most everything you need to know

    Rent or buy a used board while you are there the fees for boards that large if you can find an airline to take them would be enormous.

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    Rent or buy a used board while you are there the fees for boards that large if you can find an airline to take them would be enormous
    To each his own but riding a longboard in those waves would be a waste... and a couple of extra feet of board more likely to either get..
    1. sheared off by good/ powerful waves or smashed by shallow coral
    2. more money to ship
    3. more difficult to fit into tight spaces/ maneuver on hollow waves (see #1)

    ride a wave appropriate board...outside if surf schools I don't think I even saw anyone on a longboard

    * Been to Bali but ... use common sense everywhere but I would think especially in Jakarta (muslim)...surf regions are overrun with Aussies so you'll fit right in
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    Bali is the safest of all of Indo...expect large surf and good sized crowds in August (peak season)
    Mandiri is on Sumatra. Looks like a good camp. It can be a real ***** getting to some of the camps in Sumatra, but likely worth your effort.
    Indo waves are rarely "forgiving". Expect the shallowest sharpest reefs you can find at many spots. Your gonna have a very hard time surfing a longboard in most waves in Indo, unless you can rip on a longboard.
    Avoid Jakarta as much as possible...fly in and fly out. It's a **** hole.
    If you are an intermediate surfer I'd go to Bali. It's safe, many different breaks that are very accessible, and there's amenities for tourists. Plus there are tons of girls.
    I would go to Bali and if you have money take a boat trip maybe.

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