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  1. "I hate the Grateful Dead, they don't surf and they don't shred." - The Surf Punks
    Or; "This is a Letter from Hawaii" - The Surf Punks

    Good call to whoever posted The Black Seeds link, they are phenom.

    By far though, this is the video that always gets me amped:

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    Yup "grab the reef when all duckdiving fails, I dive deep when it's ten feet over head, grab the reef underneath my bed"
    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    Badfish is a surfing song?

    Da Hui by The Offspring
    Surfin Bird by the Trashmen

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    Check this out!

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    not surf related at all, but kid cudi always puts me in a mood to go on some spiritual journeys in the ocean

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brett View Post
    Yup "grab the reef when all duckdiving fails, I dive deep when it's ten feet over head, grab the reef underneath my bed"

    But, he's singing about heroin, he's not singing about surfing. I don't know, you're probably right, it is a surfing song. I was just thinking that song's not about surfing at all, he just uses it as a metaphor.

    At least Surfin Bird is about a bird that surfs. Maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goosemagoo View Post
    I once owned quite a few boards they left in that old zebra striped school bus. Pop got it in an abandon car auction and let me have the boards.
    Binks old girlfriend got a job at a supply how last century. she said she had recordings of concerts and would copy them for me. didn't say she was going to give them to me tho. They played at the Reef on shore dr. some poor schlubb parked his BMW in front of the place and when he came out it was cover with yellow Jerry's Kids stickers. evidently the stickum on the back was industrial strength. when he tried taking them off it was taking paint with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trevolution View Post
    anything by "surf nazis must die"

    or "my beach" by that ****ty 80's surf band

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    Anything by Current Swell. They kill it. but specifically their song "Working Man's Blues" -

    "but it just makes me pissed all the swell that I missed when its
    predicted ten feet high
    when the swell is pumpin
    the swell is pumpin"

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