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Thread: lost the stoke

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    Wait til you're in your 60's?! Hey, I AM 62 and out there every weekend no matter how good or bad the conditions are! I just say "just do it!" like the Nike saying, even on a cold morning. Once you're at the beach and you are paddling out, the stoke comes right back if it doesn't, maybe Prozac can help....

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    Hey, I AM 62 and out there every weekend no matter how good or bad the conditions are!
    Yeah but your in Florida arent you? Also how long have you been surfing. Im 47 and have beed surfing for 35 years. I know a lot of women who surf but most wont go out when it's big or they consider waist to chest big. They wont go out when it's cold and are usually there 2 days after the real swell is past to enjoy the clean small left overs. My point is it's easy to be excited 2 years in, it takes more than passing interest to do it for decades.
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    This is a great thread. Occasionally I get bummed when I chase a swell around or put off obligations only to get skunked. Or frustrated when the crowd is too thick to truly enjoy a session. But I surely agree that sometimes all it takes is a good wave to wash all that away. Even just a bit of time in the ocean, regardless of wave quality, does wonders for my well-being.

    How bout Occy! The epitome of loss-of-stoke. Fat on the couch for years starting in the early 90's? Followed by the ultimate comeback and a world title in '99. There are tons of stories like it. Guys finding surfing again (or for the first time) and turning their life around. Look at what it does for veterans. That wounded warriors program that gets soldiers surfing is one of the most inspiring programs going today.

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    Point well taken Zippy. But the kids only 25-- seems young for burning out?

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    I'm starting to feel that too...and I'm only 14!!!!!!1!

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    Point well taken Zippy. But the kids only 25-- seems young for burning out?
    I just think its weird how everyone who starts to surf feels like they have to continue to play the role even after the glow is gone. I know people who surfed for 4 years 20 years ago and they still talk like they are surfers and complain about loosing the stoke. It's as if, if they admit it wasn't they're thing they're admitting defeat. It's not for everybody and that's fine, just drop out, I don't understand having to ask for ideas to get the drive back.

    I raised salt water corals and fish. I did it for 10 years and was fairly well known for propagating captive corals. Eventually I lost interest, sold all of my equipment and moved on. I never once thought about going online to reef central.com to ask how to get the excitement back. I think it's fine to ask for advice, I personally don't understand it.
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    It's the winter. Go treat yourself to a new board or at least strip your board and re-wax it. Throw in some Sublime and you're set.

    hahahahaha DONT HATE NANCY

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    I can tell you how to get the stoke back. One problem most of you guys do not want to listen.

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    wow just this advice alone already has gotten me checking reports looking for the next chance to surf. i really feel like its just that one session or even one wave to get that feeling i used to have back. thanks everyone for your help, except zippy? what are you the lord of the ocean? just because i'm only 25 doesn't mean its a passing fad, i don't think 2 decades of dedicated surf is a passing fad. a rough patch of deciding where my life is headed is more of what is going on, i was just looking to see if anyone else had felt this way and how they got through it. i know i now have a few ideas what i need to do. so again, thank you everyone