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Thread: lost the stoke

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    You just gotta keep going and it comes back i had a rough couple of years my best friend who got me into surfing died in 2008 from drugs then i went down that same path in 2010 i lost my liscence for 2 years and i didn't get into the water that much and had no one to surf with it took awhile to get used to surfing by myself but eventually i cleaned myself up got off drugs and booze and this past year i feel more and more stoked after every session, i really couldn't imagine my life without it, and now that i frequent the same spots at lbi i'm starting to get to know a lot of the regulars down there even though i'm always rolling solo i've been running into some familiar faces which is cool. It did take awhile to get the stoke back though i had to go back to the fun board for a little while two years ago, then i bought a hypto krypto and i'm glad i did because it made surfing so much more fun for me.
    Good for you man. That's awesome. Glad you're back and cleaned up, life is good!

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