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    If an army of ninjas had my family at sword point and told me "surf your family gets it". I'd give up a day.

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    Quite a few things actually. I'm a dad and the breadwinner, so family and work responsibilities come first. For you guys in college, make the most of that educational opportunity while you have it, while you're young. There's a saying: Sacrifice now or sacrifice later. I may be burned as a heretic for saying this here, but the waves will still be around long after all of us are gone.
    However...that's not to say I haven't taken a long lunch to sneak in a noontime session. I'm very fortunate that my place of employment is very close to the beach. A few times I've had to race back to a 1 PM meeting minus my socks and with saltwater still in my beard. I'm 57 and should probably know better (?), but it sure beats the heck outta sitting in a cubicle eating lunch at a desk.
    Stay thirsty.

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    thanks for the info. My son is looking at colleges and I've already made it clear I won't pay for a major with no job prospects and this was one of his choices. He is a mountain guy so it sounds like he has some opportunity out west if he heads down this route.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manisses View Post
    I'd give up a summer of surfing to go back in time to see The Wailers in 75. Any show.
    Wow that's a pretty dam good response right there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippy View Post
    I would give up a day of surfing to go pick up my multi million dollar lottery winnings.
    Good one.
    Everybody keeps saying "Sex is obvious", but I totally disagree. If it's a genuinely good day out, it COMPLETELY depends on how good the sex is/hotness of the girl or woman. I'd maybe miss it for:
    -really good sex
    -great concert that cant see next day
    -huge sporting event, tickets already bought

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    I found u john hardy

    Quote Originally Posted by superbust View Post
    i'm getting the same degree as you but at uncw. Mine is a b.s. In physical environmental science, math/physics ****in sucks!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manisses View Post
    I'd give up a day of surfing for front row Pearl Jam at Wrigley this summer. I'd give up a summer of surfing to go back in time to see The Wailers in 75. Any show.
    lol pearl jam? really man? Was it flat?

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    I'd give up a day to pick my boy up from his Moms house

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    Just became a Dad last weekend, definitely give up a day of surfing to hang with my daughter. But I hope eventually she'll paddle out with me.

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    pearl jam is amazing but i dont know if i would give up ideal conditions to go see them live...maybe.