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    Also never lost any that I can remember. But I never open my eyes under water so that helps

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    I used Silverfish prescription sunglasses. Very pleased with them. Dusk and dawn were a little tough, so I wondered if transition lenses would be better. Had the glasses and a hat tethered to a lanyard and after a very busy surfing season, they got swept away on a big day in September when a hold-down pulled the hat, toward shore, stretching the lanyard to a breaking point. Need another pair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkstink View Post
    Hey Fitz I've been wearing one month disposables for the past 13 years and never got an eye infection. It might depend on where you swim I guess...
    Hey their your eyes man. I used 2 week reusable and I started getting eye infections. Even though I cleaned them after every use. My eye doctor said if you must use them get 1time lenses. No infections since.

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    Thanks for everyone's inputs. Soft contacts appear to provide the most success. I'll have to do something if I'm going to continue surfing in the years ahead.

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    I own a pair of the silverfish with dark tint and can't imagine surfingg withou t them anymore. Especially ona very suNny day. I have a very light prescriptiomand get a lot of benefit from the tint. Protect your eye ballas from burning. They have never comme close to getting lost even in 10 foot wipeouts. The leash around your neck worksa fine.

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    I have surfed in my soft contacts for years, never had any type of infection and have only lost 1 in the 10 years of surfing. I for one NEVER open my eyes underwater, in florida mush you never really have to open them to figure out which way is up. I always keep a spare set with me because if I lose one I wouldn't want it to ruin my session.

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    I wear monthly disposable soft lenses. No issues to report except that I think I've lost one maybe two in the surf. I never open my eyes underwater. I'll usually just flush them with solution/drops after a session when I get home.
    The big key to avoid infections is not trying to extend the life of the lens.

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    Good thread, been weighing the options to get Lasik or contacts for a while. I had glasses a while back but they got destroyed and I never got another pair. I just don't like wearing them all the time. So it's good to see those with contacts and those with lasik are both happy, so it doesn't seem to matter what choice I go with, it's just a matter of preference I suppose. Last time I saw an eye Dr. he suggested I not get the surgery because my eyes weren't that bad and I was still young, but who knows what 5-6 years could have changed.

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    here's just another reason for daily disposable lenses..

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    Quote Originally Posted by DosXX View Post
    The recent thread on Lasiks covered this to a degree. Others, including myself, wear eyeglasses on a full time basis. For me, this wasn't always the case. I used to do a wide range of aquatic sports from SCUBA to windsurfing without the need for glasses/corrective lenses. Not any more. Age takes its toll.
    I started surfing last August. Initially it was very uncomfortable going without glasses. But I wasn't ready for Lasiks or even contacts. I doubt that prescription goggles would be practical. I'd likely lose them in my first wipe-out. So I pretty much just accepted this and am grateful that I can see well enough to get out there. One adapts. But at dusk, I must get out of the water. With the diminished sunlight, I can't distinguish the swells. Has anyone successfully used soft contacts (or other, non-Lasiks, vision aids) while surfing?
    Go to your eye doctor and get daily contact. I used them for a few years before I got the LASIK done. Reason you want to go with daily contacts is you can toss them after your sess. I had an eye infection from using the 2 week contacts after a sess. Also, its better if you lose one you dont lose your supply for the next two weeks for that eye. I used to keep a few pairs in my glovebox in case one falls out or you have a surprise session.