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    Do it. I did many pier projects in the Northeast and there are lots of Environmental hurdles anytime we needed to do anything in the water. The contractor should be aware if they are even able to obtain an environmental permit for what they are proposing (constructing jetties). I don't see it happening, but who knows, maybe the environmental folks are also on their payroll lol

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    Contact your local Surfrider Chapter ASAP. This is part of what they do, help protect our beloved surfing resources.

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    its good to see some people know what theyr talking about.swellinfo nailed it on the head,contact surfrider.i dont live in ri,but i do know the cons of jetty systems.all we have here in the northeast are beachbreaks,sandbars.when they take out the sandbars,kiss your local waves goodbye.i see some kids think jettys make surf better,thats not true.sometimes the only wave u can surf here is near a jetty.thats because sands built up around it.but jettys also cause beach erosion.the ocean fixes itself.when u have long jettys blocking the natural currents,it destroys any sandbar that remains.i surf a spot with no jettys,and it seems like its the only spot with a sandbar.but after sandy rearanged the sea floor,sandbars are everywhere.but dont expect them to last.once they start digging out the shorebreak,all we are left with is a steep drop off and pounding shorebreak.i hope you guys in ri can stop this

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    take a deep breath and calm down. the beauty of bureaucratic systems is that you can use them to your benefit if you do your homework. for a project like this there has got to be a million regs and the obligatory public hearings. Get organized and then figure out ways to slow or stop this project from moving forward.

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    Contact our local representatives, I got the information from this facebook post,
    Coastal Resources Management Council
    Grover Fugate
    Stedman Government Center - Suite 116
    4808 Tower Hill Road
    Wakefield, RI 02879-1900

    City Council:
    43 Broadway Newport RI 02840

    Department of Transportation
    Peter Healey (c/o)
    Department of Transportation
    2 Capitol Hill
    Providence, RI 02903

    State Senators
    Room 323
    State House
    Providence, RI 02903

    State Representitives
    Room 317
    State House
    Providence, RI 02903

    Rep David Ciciline
    DC Office Phone: 202-225-4911
    RI Office Phone: 401-729-5600

    Sen Sheldon Whitehouse
    DC Office Phone: 202-224-2921
    RI Office Phone: 401-453-5294

    Rep Peter Martin [State Assembly]
    Phone: 401-924-2402

    Mayor Harry Winthrop
    Office401) 845-5436

    City Manager Jane Howington
    Office: (401) 845-5429

    Planning Department
    Office: (401) 845-5473

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    We need everyone's help...I can't express in words how important this one spot is so vital to our entire surf culture here on Aquidneck Island.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wabah View Post
    We need everyone's help...I can't express in words how important this one spot is so vital to our entire surf culture here on Aquidneck Island.

    keep contact local though. if the reps see most of the emails coming from outside the area they will chalk it up to 'out of state agitators' and ignore your issue. Look a that Beater fight last year in OCMD as a good example. The locals stood up and worked with the govt to craft a good compromise.
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    seriously what micah said. contact your local surfrider chapter and get them informed and involved. They have been saving breaks for years.

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    I certainly hope the proposed construction can be prevented. Quite ironic that the wave in question is "guarded" by some miserable locals that make a point to be unfriendly to any outsiders that pay a visit.

    Let's see it boys! How bout focusing a bit of that energy into a show of solidarity/sense for a good cause?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by trevolution View Post
    an equivalent thing happened to skateboarding with the death of the brooklyn banks in nyc a few years back. The city needed to repair the bridge so they stored their construction equipment in the banks for 10 years. it effectively ruined the skatespot, but the skaters complained and got 2 brand new multimillion dollar skateparks (chelsea piers and maloof in flushing) Hell if a buncha grimy skaters can take on the fascist police state of NYC then maybe a buncha scraggly surfers can make some noise at their local town hall meetings in R.I. I guess it depends to what extent your willing to go to if you want to preserve your wave.
    Our complaining did not get us those two skateparks that had nothing to do with the banks. We do not know the state of the banks until they reopen. Never will another skatepark match up to the brooklyn banks.