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    Smoking then Surfing?

    Who else has done it...Im out of jersey and the water is still fairly cold, 45's and occasionally when i smoke then paddle out I feel nothing and catch everything. Like no cold water and I wear a 3/2, hoodie under thing, 4 mil gloves and booties. I feel like this is a good tactic to beat those cold days. Does anyone else agree??

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    Up here in Maine the boys like to pack a pipe of some borkum riff on our way out to the islands. Can't say it keeps us warm but it keeps the mind on driving the steam boat.

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    its 10x better when the water's warm

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    always, bro, always

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    Here's a good clip on that matter...

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    Quit smoking!

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    Nathan does it...maybe if we did the same we'd surf like him.

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    Hey man, What ever gets you stoked go for it! But yeah i dig you on that.It gets the mind off things so i cant see why it wouldn't help with the winter chill.

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    like lamb and tuna fish

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    I got medical conditions man. Anxiety, like I get anxious if there's no waves my Yogi says, she's great. My chiropractor, he cracks my neck every couple of weeks, great for stiffness from paddlin or when you'r out of whack from too many wipeouts. He says it eases the muscle pain from surfing all the time. They recommend me too my Dr. My Dr. is a wild haired gentleman with bulging eyes with a piece of vellum and script proclaiming him to be an Alchmist from Hawvaard or some such thing, charges me 60 bones for a prescription. That's good for a year. Then I call my care provider who delivers my medicine.

    Like I said, I got medical issues man. Anxiety and sore muscles. Wonder what the surf is gonna be like tomorrow!!!! I'm gettin nervous just thinking about it!