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we are aware he doesn't *actually* shape, right? i'm sure he's shaped more than a few boards in his time, but tom eberly did the bulk of the shaping work for his joel tudor label & kookbox is a collaborative effort of various experienced foam mowers.
I read this and thought, except for Takayama's boards I've never been crazy about any of the stuff Joel Tudor puts his name on. Some of it looks good, just never been for me.

"It wasn’t that it was falling off. I was at a point where I’d ridden for him for ten years. I wanted to try **** Brewer’s and Rusty’s, not just longboards. That’s the thing. Nobody can touch Donald with longboards and I’ve ridden everything. I knew he was one of the best surfers in the day. He was as good as David, but Donald was a shaper so he wasn’t able to be in the limelight. He was awesome. It was just very difficult to get things out of him. There’s ego involved. It’s like, “You make amazing longboards. You are making the best boards that I could be riding at this moment but I want to try something different.” Then Stu was giving me boards and Donald’s feelings were getting hurt. Finally, he just got to the point where he couldn’t take it anymore. His ego got in the way. He said, “I can’t make your boards anymore. I’m over it.”

"It’s just cooler to do stuff that you can’t get everywhere. It’s not like we are doing all of this stuff to make money. That’s not our deal. We’re creating stuff that’s fun. There is some profit in it, but we’re not going to be RipCurl. We’re trying to backlash on ****. You can spend $200 on a wetsuit and look like a ****ing billboard but when you buy high end designer clothing it’s very discreet. It has its own unique style. That’s what we are trying to do for wetsuits."

So it got me thinking, who is my favorite shaper?

Mike Hynson, still knockin em out of the park.

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