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    Matt Garbutt doing some nice classic shapes in Delmarva

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    Chris Riley. oneninetyfive surfboards. awesome.

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    Natty... I checked out Garbutt's webiste. There's a video on that page, right below the Dorito's Barrel that's f'n COOL. If that don't put a smile on your face, nothin' will!

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    Tom Mahady for this guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by beachbreak View Post
    If you go to Hatteras,look around and you'll see In The Eye Surfboards everywhere.You'll also see Scott Busbey, the shaper,surfer,shop co-owner with his wife,Carol, and Curtis Cromwell, the glasser. Scott will give you as much or as little help and time as you desire ordering a board from him. Quality, Performance, Honesty. All hand shaped, meaning he has a feel and an eye for shaping. The tools he uses are just that,it's his mind,eye,hands that shape In The Eye Surfboards, and everyone down there's riding them and ripping.
    So true, My first board was from Scott back in the early 90's, classic triple stringer longboard, has some delam I fixed from sitting, but otherwise in great shape after 20years and lots of waves/trips.. Had a big boys shortboard shaped a year ago and Carol drove it up to VA beach to ship to Canada. A thing of beauty, almost a wall hanger,, but too fun to hang.

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    Jim Dunlop jacksonville beach florida

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    Love Stretch boards, his eps tech is bombproof and actually works in windy conditions. It's nice when the man himself returns a message and spends 2 hours talking board tech and design.

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    I've ridden boards from 3 different "local shapers" and the one that I like the most is from Earl Moore. He's on the forum but idk if he wants everyone to know his name so I'll let him decide. But anyway, the board was shaped by him and glassed at Greenlight, and I can't believe how well it works. It's a small wave board that's super fat and wide, and looks kind of crazy, but it frickin works. If he can pull a board like that off I'm sure his other shapes are even better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ltownrider View Post
    Tom Mahady for this guy
    + 1 Mahady is the man

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    Marty Keesecker from WRV