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Thread: Wave Jet Review

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfin paulie View Post
    Got nothin against windsurfin, or kite surfin, or houseboat surfin, or wavejet. They just aint SURFIN. Call em sailin, or kite flyin, or whatever.

    Aint surfin.

    I guess my issue is one of terminology.

    I do wonder though about catchin waves too small for a log. Geez. Just go swimmin.
    A lot of people write of kitesurfing, but have you ever tried it?

    U don't even feel the kite when your on a wave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ glide View Post
    Sorry emass, I don't look at the date and as i've admitted in the past I might as well be 10. Most of the time I read these threads backwards. Also I am not the one who dredged this up and put it on the top of the list. Sometimes I use SI as a healthy cheaper alternative to anger management. Occasionally I do test my mma skills on the mannequins, even though I get weird looks its a great way to blow off steam.
    Hahaha you answered correctly bro. Sounds like you're soon ready for a title fight vs. Chuck and his dummies.