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    You are such an absolute moron... Have you not ssen video of this guy already... He was so whie/grey while being helped away. Youu think HE did it, was already an amputee an cut off the bottom of hiw previously severed legs?!?!?! You may have passed for a Conspiracy theorist before, but now you're jus a ridiculous fool...
    You should go to the hospital and tell the authorities you found the real bomber... You idiot

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    take this doofus.

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    Take what dipsh$t?

    A video of Chief saying the kids did it?

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    The "govt" must have paid their uncle a lot to come on TV and blame the older brother..... Oh wait. I get it!!! They probably killed the uncle and have a guy that looks like him pretending to be him...

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    he's exercising his right to remain silent.

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    Wow... I did not realize he tweated.... He MUST be innocent!

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    He's exercising his right to be a COWARD

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    he's exercising his right to remain silent.

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    haha...exercising his right to be silent, my a$$...that's from his unsuccessful attempt at blowing his brains out, he missed and shot himself through the throat.

    Just a question to the conspiracy theorists, If this was all staged by the gov't, why did they not claim that the fertilizer plant was also a terrorist act? you know...just to get the people even more riled up.

    That website you posted, chiccarrone, with the pictures claiming the guy who got his legs blown off was an actor makes me want to vomit. The people responsible for that garbage and people commenting on there should be f%ckin' deported.

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    Chickenarrone, what event in American history can you point us to that absolutely proves the unites states govt flat out lies to people and setsup disasters to further its hold on the world?
    give us the fact proven, non disputable event. And I don't want to hear about an event that is not proven. something flat out true.
    Thanks Chickenarrone.
    the gulf of tonkin. go on the department of justice website