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    Flying into Sacramento today, hitting Santa Cruz tom for some head high nuggets. Rollin solo, renting a car, anyone have any info surf wise and accommodations wise, please shoot me a PM. Cruising up to San Fran after that, any info would be appreciated! Santa Barbara next week, I have a place to stay, need info on spots. Well traveled intermediate surfer with all my own gear. Thanks for the help fellas

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    this time of year, just stay in santa cruz. It'll prob be crowded, but there will be surf and it will be good. Nothing but right hand point breaks throughout the town.

    The farther north you go the tougher the surfer you gotta be. Thick wetsuit, no less than a 4/3 (5/4 is standard, i had a 6/5/4 cause i dont like wearing booties, but thats for north of SF) Around santa cruz you'll be fine with a 4/3. Have fun, its ALWAYS bigger than it looks out there.

    If you head to san fran you can find this tho, Good luck

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