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    Best Post Surf Drink

    Since the temperance movement is trying to get body boarders to stand on two feet, which if you’ve walked in flippers seems an odd task to me, perhaps this is the place to ask:

    What's the best post surf drink?

    So many to choose from, but one stands out from the rest and in my mind’s eye its blue bottle conjures up images of Cabo and the Pacific waters that match its color.

    Tequila Corralejo Reposado.
    Lick the salt off your lady's still wet bod, suck a lime and slam a shot.

    Goes down smooth, follow it up with an ice cold Mexican beer with a lime floating in the bottle. Warms you to the core and sends a shiver down your spine. Oh tequila's gotten me in trouble before, but as a dog returneth to its own vomit I go back for more.

    Now tequila may be the favored beverage of outlaws, but that doesn't mean it gives them preferential treatment. In fact, tequila has probably betrayed as many outlaws as has the central nervous system and dissatisfied wives. Tequila, scorpian honey, harsh dew of the doglands, essence of the Aztec, crema de cacti; tequila, oily and thermal like the sun in solution; tequila, liquid geometry of passion; Tequila, the buzzard god who copulates in midair with the ascending souls of dying virgins; tequila, firebug in the house of good taste; O tequila, savage water of sorcery, what confusion and mischief your sly, rebellious drops do generate.
    ~Tom Robbins, Still Life With Woodpecker
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