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  1. Best place to Surf?

    I live in conway, so where is a pretty ideal place? we ussually go to garden city. Last weekend was down by 50th by 22, and it sucked ass. flat all day.. wondering if i caught the low. no i didn't check it 'fore i left.. too antsy..

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    Thumbs up Low tide breaks

    Hey Pixie, Try P.I. or Litchfield 4 low tide surf, my fave is South end P.I. 2hours into or out of low. I hope to take my S.U.P to the rivermouth this weekend 5/9 to catch sum long grovelly rides.

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    Please dont tell people from conway about our breaks...let them find them the way we used to, by searching.

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    So, fourfin, your going to PI this weekend with the stand up! Lucky you! Let me know whats going on down at the south end of Pawley's. I havent been down there since they started dredging and rebuilding the beach. We will probably go during Memorial weekend (as long as the parking lot is opened back up).

  5. No one hardley surfs sc anyone but WB is another story. Go ahead and tell'm

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    Come on now, there are people who surf s.c. We might not have the best waves, but its where we live and surf.