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The content is irrelevant, it is the contradictory methods which you advocate and use which I am commenting on.

Don't you understand that?

Clearly your statement is ridiculously easy to falsify... all I have to do is show one video on the subject which was not made in a basement and your claim is shown to be false.

Please provide evidence to back up this statement.

I think that it is likely to be false, as it is probable that most people in the USA do not know that I exist.

Not having been there themselves does not prevent many US citizens from feeling that they know enough to justify invading other countries and murdering millions of residents of those countries.

Can you guarantee that you have not posted opinions about countries which you have not visited personally?

The assumption that going to a country makes one more qualified to comment on the politics there has yet to be established, please proceed to do so.
I honestly think we are running into the Roy ego situatuation where valid points are brought up, yet obviously wrong since they are counter to your arguments.