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    Question Best board type for Myrtle Beach area

    What is the best board for the typical Myrtle Beach swell (or mush). Ive just moved back to North Myrtle and bought a new Perfection fishtail 6'6. (Im 5'7 and 140) It has yet to see the ocean due to the only dude I know to surf with cant seem to stay sober long enough to surf with.(Freaking sucks!) And I havent been been on a board for over 12 years, So ya know Ill look like a tart on skates for the first few times..... Durrrrr

    Whats a good board for the area? (I know everyone has their own idea) But its great to see what everyone has to say.

    Whats the best spot in North Myrtle? 27th, 8th or the pier???

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