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Yeah.......thanks for the advice LBCrew. I just had to address that once and for all. I've actually changed and won't be entertaining any online arguments. I've mellowed. HA. No, really I have. . .
Mellowed, say it ain't so! Jaysus, man if you're not tending the light at the end of the tunnel, who is? Next thing you canoe you'll be doing Cialis commercials.

Neal Mikaye, to answer your question. Cause come October I starts to get me a hankerin for pineapple, coconut, kalua pork and opa. Spam Masubi, 99. Mmm mmm and some Primo beer with pako lolo to finish it off.

Ol' Mr. Sponge, he reminds me all year long of the white sandy beaches and he posts it free to the erBB. Much karma, much respect.

I had to go look at the Fćk the erBB graffiti on Friday. Good South swell. I love the walk from Christianitos. Just enough time to burn one down.