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    In and of themselves, they're not such bad things. It's the addiction to them that frightens me. Like you said, everything in moderation.

    Zach... was just in La Jolla last week. It was FLAT. People were saying it was the flattest they'd ever seen it. Meanwhile, back in Dirty Jerzy, it was breaking jetty-to-jetty.... or so I'm told.
    Damn, that sucks.... Usually blacks will do its thing even on a flat day, but the La Jolla reefs are like sunset cliffs. They take a medium size swell to even wake up at all... Thats crazy though... not too many flat weeks in La Jolla usually.

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    Swell window was heading straight North at about 180-190 for about two weeks. Anything with good Southern exposure was bangin, everything else just got passed on by. The pics that are coming out of mainland Mex from April 11 through about the 25th are bananas.