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    Quote Originally Posted by NJshredmachine View Post
    My list of accomplishments?
    ? 24 and making 6 figs...i date models exclusively. I get barrelled weekly. I bench 4 bones. My car is the fastest on the block. I've got all designed threads. Even my tank tops for gym brahh.

    Now your turn. Silence... That's what I thought. POwned biatch!!!
    BOOM! Classic NJshredmachine post!

    How about more details about what you do during your typical day....

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    Me and NJshredmachine got high and licked eachother's grundles...hey shred remember that night last week? Can't wait to do it again! Next time you give the bumb thumb ok? Awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by trevolution View Post
    hahah bangs chick for less then 1 minute
    Actually, only for 30 seconds in between getting shacked and having an interview with surfer mag

    7am wrestle sharks
    8am pound beers
    9am paddle out, get shacked
    9:01am get shacked again
    9:02 call brah boys to grab the skis because the swell is building
    9:02.5 tow in and get pitted
    9:05 exit water. Pound beer
    9:06am tell jersey police to give You a donut and $&$$& off
    9:07am get pitted again
    9:10am bang your chick
    9:10.5am head back to the macking swell
    9:11am get super shacked
    9:12am get money
    9:13am spend money
    9:16am wrestle a shark
    9:17am get shacked
    9:18.5 bang your chick again
    9:19 interview with surfer mag
    9:20 smoke a blunt and bang your chick one last time
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    Go off somewhere you homo. This board is for real surfers...

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    $ this the 6 figures your talking about working after school at Target, c'mon tell the truth

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJshredmachine View Post
    Go off somewhere you homo. This board is for real surfers...
    None of us on here are real surfers...we envy you Shred.

    We all want to surf 23 footers in NJ and bang only models, while being able to bench 400lbs, making six figures, and driving the fastest whip on the block!

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    How'd your mommy spellcheck your posts? She was over my house earlier.

    6 figures, I can't stop laughing.What do you count in pennies?

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    C'mon you guys don't think there is a legit person behind njshredmachine do you? It's so obviously some guy who enjoys having a goof on the forums.

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    Dont ruin the illusion, we have much to learn from this young shredder.

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    six figs...

    As in Newtons. For lunch.From mom.