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Thread: NJshredmachine

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    Hair gel probly loses holding power down in that southern heat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJshredmachine View Post
    My list of accomplishments?
    ? 24 and making 6 figs...i date models exclusively. I get barrelled weekly. I bench 4 bones. My car is the fastest on the block. I've got all designed threads. Even my tank tops for gym brahh.

    Now your turn. Silence... That's what I thought. POwned biatch!!!
    POwned...LOL. I like this guy.

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    ive noticed pockets of the guido population appearing as far south as southern north carolina. your data brew engineer about the proliferation of the organism to South Carolina is startling, perhaps a new strain has developed and spread rapidly due to antibiotic resistance to chlamydia medication?

    god save us all if this is the case

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    This is what my brother NJshredmachine is feeling like these days....

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    but your replying quite a bit so that must mean in between your intense workouts your on here alot also.

    Quote Originally Posted by NJshredmachine View Post
    I've never seen a bigger bunch of Internet nerds. You guys are computer nerds. Try actually getting off the Internet and working out, surf, cruise around the boardwalk, I mean seriously. Get a life guys...

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    hahah that banana must be worth 2600 bucks though. that guy is classic white trash. life savings gone (2600). that retirement fund was going to buy him a hamburger with dreads also.

    Quote Originally Posted by chicharronne View Post
    this was him before striking it big on wall skreet.

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    The teen wetnoodle, aka shredmachine, a legend in his own mind, has indirectly taken over the forum, inhabiting your threads just like his alter ego, the orange-crowned bearded kindling-riding freakish kiwi gnome.

    These self-invented freaks seek to become nightmares in people's thoughts, imaginary images dreaded in lineups, yet they are ultimately laughable for their mere existence.