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    6'0" Coil Blur 5-fin (NJ)

    6'0" x 19 1/2 x 2 3/8 5 Fin Coil Blur. Volume = 0.91 ft3. In excellent condition. Has some pressure dents on the deck as pictured. No open or repaired dings except that the one fin box was expertly replaced, and if it werent a different color, you'd never know. No fins included. Pricing for this board as new: $700 board + 30 for black colorway + 30 for tailpad. If you're not familiar with Coils, check the 500+ pages of reviews on the Coil Ride Report forum on Swaylocks. I have 4 Coils and will ride nothing else. This one is just a tad small for my aging body.

    Price is $380 (discount if you pay with PayPal). Located near Manasquan/ Belmar. I usually meet anywhere on the parkway from the exit 120 rest area to the exit 72 rest area if farther away.
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    You do KNOW this is the real deal right?

    How is this not sold? If this board was in the OC or SD it would've gotten swooped up by now. If it's only been lightly ridden at $380 the man is giving it away! If you weigh 150 +-10 or so #'s and are considering a CI or Lost, stop right now and go buy this board.

    If I didn't need more volume for a head high decent to good day board, I'd buy it.

    Sick colors by the way.

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    If I didn't want to pay for shipping, I would buy it.