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    Jan 2010
    Cape May Co, NJ
    Levitator all the way. Both good boards but I think the Levitator is superior.

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    Mar 2012
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    es-dot, just out of curiousity why not someone who shapes on the East Coast for a noserider? A custom out there has to be cheaper than one of these West Coast names, right? I don't know any East Coast shapers who are known for longboards other than Mahady; but his boards look like they would do the trick. Couldn't you save a couple o hundo taking that route?

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    Jan 2013
    philly - margate
    i was looking at getting a custom brain wynn but i have heard so much good stuff about the other 2 boards . if i go for the levitator one of the guys that works at the shop i go to can get it custom dims for not a bad price if i went for the pink i would get one off the rack at the shop. i will deff do some more research for some east coast shapers now that u mentioned it .

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