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Thread: Long Island

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    Quote Originally Posted by east~coast View Post
    Damn can't even help a local out who's been away for a year.. private message? anything?
    If you're a local then you know the spots, go to them, see them, make own decision. Then maybe you can report back and tell everybody where to go. We'll be waiting...

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    if you were a local that respected the area you would call a friend, ask someone at a local surfshop, or find out any other way OTHER than posting a question about secret local spots on an internet forum.

    why would a year round local give you local knowledge when you have such little respect for that local knowledge?

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    Quote Originally Posted by east~coast View Post
    Coming back from college this Sunday I can not wait to get back in the water! any good spots pop up over the winter or after that b*tch Sandy moved everything around? Where should I be running to help me out!
    PineCones.... a world class wave that breaks 300 out of 365 days of the year. If you can find it.

    But... be warned... you don't just pull up and paddle out.

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