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Thread: New Surfboard

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    haha, wel i certainly wouldn't recommend anything from the CI quiver

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    "Lowish price".... well, in that case, CI, Coil, and most other big name brands are out, unless your looking for used, which you should consider, since the brand seems to matter most to you. If you want a new board at a reasonable cost, ask for recommendations on local board builders.

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    Check out Joe Blair surfboards in Solana Beach,CA. I ordered a 6'2 from him a couple years back and is the best board I've had yet. Fast, gets barrelled. He'll probably recommend the rocket fish for east coast surf. You'll get a custom board for probably cheaper then a board off the rack and more suited for your size. MAke sure you get insurance on the shipment. He likes to cut corners on shipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahuna Kai View Post
    Everyone is hyping COIL around here. Is it that great of a surfboard?
    Si Senor!!!

  5. chris chaize out of asbury makes rad boards at decent prices

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    I was asking about CI boards because I know a couple guys that ride for them

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