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    Watch video. Joel Tudor, bonga Perkins, wingnut, Justin quintal. I benefit a lot from "mind surfing" in between sessions. Kinda like watching tape like other athletes do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spring Surf View Post
    Like this?
    That's definitely a nice flick. Have you checked out Wingnut? He's the style master.

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    How much the board turns also depends on your fin setup. A single fin setup will let you make more long drawn out turns while a tri fin setup will give you more turning ability so you could just mess around with that and see how you like it.

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    After much reading, advice here, and shopping, I bought myself a Rainbow Rake 9" Longboard fin to replace the 8". Installed it toward the front of the box and took it to Surfside on Saturday. Turns are better; I can trim into and across the face now, and take-off is still much better than the thruster set up. When the board stalls, and I walk forward, it's a little to wobbly, so think I will move it back in the box next time, but overall I think this is the ticket. Loving the longboard now and anticipating more long rides as skills improve. Thanks again for all the input and encouragement.

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