Munky Wax

So I went into Surfy Surfy last weekend to get some of my favorite crunchy, non-petroleum based, earth friendly, negative carbon foot print, wrapped in recycled paper which can then be used to roll a fatty, which magically saves the whales, the rainforest and causes hippy-dippy chicks to shave surf wax, when G asked me, “Hey man, do you want to try some new wax?”
And I said, “No.”
“Aw, c’mon man, just try it out and let us know what you think.”
He put two bars of this new Sticky Bumps Munky Wax on the counter and smiled. He knew that free was an adjective that I can’t resist.
As soon as I picked it up it got all over my hands. “What is this stuff, one of the Fu Wax knock offs?”
“Yuck. Thanks G.”
So I’d been longboarding for like a week cause it’s all weak sauce out there, but last evening I get an itch that says, grab the Coil son, you’ll have fun, so I do and I did. The two bars of Munky Wax had been sitting in my big bag o Wax for almost a week so I grabbed one to take with and the fam all heads to the beach for a quick sunset surf and sand castle building session. I put a real light, fresh layer on an already thick basecoat of Levi’s Cool Wax and Sticky Bumps Basecoat and paddled out.

So the stuff works great. I was pretty surprised. Don’t know if I’ll ever actually buy a bar; but if you’re looking for that extra bit of stick, it seems to be pretty good stuff. It’s not as sticky as real Fu wax, which I’m not crazy about, but it’s definitely a step up from the traditional Sticky Bumps Blue Wrapper Cool. I’ve never tried Punt or Dream Cream or any of that stuff, so I can’t say if it’s better than any of those. I was only out for a hour, so I can’t say how frequently one would need to reapply; but it still felt fine. The water was in the low 60’s too.

Anyway, Munky Wax = good Stuff
Surfy Surfy = Best Damn Surf Shop in the Solar System