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If it's your home break, treat it as such. Granted, it's all on Rt 1A in NH, so you can see pretty much everything from the road, but still - you don't need to drop the dime on every spot within a mile onto an internet message board.
I think we will be ok guys... These spots are posted all over the web. ever heard of magicseaweed?
Besides, its not NJ. and those guys wont bother coming up here... We have no piers to Shot and our hindu population is quite low...
Besides, these spot only work on the right tides, swell directions and size... The random surf trip goer up to NH is more than likely not to get it good or at all in these spots, or know where to get in. If they are planning surf trips here, they are likely from the Quebec area and will go to the wall... We get a lot of those