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Welcome to the lineup. Let me tell you about this break....

Longboarders aren't real surfers.
Longboarders are the only real surfers.
Shortboarders aren't real surfers.
Shortboarders are the only real surfers.
Spongers aren't real surfers.
Spongers have more fun than anyone.
EVERYONE is a kook, except the poster.
Local shapers rock.
Roy Stuart is the surfing messiah.
Roy Stuart is the antichrist.
People who sit waaaaaaaay outside are always wavehogs.
No real surfer would ever ride a softtop.
If you are not a local, you never have the right of way, even if you are closest to the peak and have shown respect.
The EC is always flat or trashy, except when it's not.
@#$$$%! Swellinfo got it wrong again!!!!!!
Swellinfo gets it right!!!!! What do you expect for FREE?! Nice job, Micah!

I think that about sums it up.

In between all of these, I've found there is actually some pretty good useful conversation and posts.

Best wishes, and aloha!
I bow to you sir! Guinness!