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Good! That's the fighting spirit, the force is strong with this one. Listen Bill, that is your name right? Next time I want any sh*t out of you i'll squeeze your head. Nah, just kidding, Momma dukes taught me that one and it just felt appropriate, don't go all "yard dog" on me or anything. So you got some street cred, is that what you're trying to get at here? Proud of being locked up? I sure hope not, my nephew has been in there for the last year or so and it's no picnic.

Truth be told, I'm just having a bit of fun w/you, I don't believe I actually said anything negative ABOOT New Jersey at any time, all I did was defend Florida, because it truly is a great place and wouldn't trade it for anywhere in the world, well except maybe Hawaii, other than that, i'm staying put. As for you moving to Florida, you would love it, it's a beautiful place, and is probably why most everybody who leaves the NE ends up here. I don't know too many people who leave FL to live in the NE, but i'm sure there are the exceptions to the rule.
I loved being in jail. Excpet for the bathroom and the food. Well, I love Ramen noodles, though.

And while I still surf those elusive spot in Camden, I'm not allowed to partake in any of the open commerce that exists there. And that hurts.

There was nothing like waking early and getting "prepared" at the projects at 7th & Sycamore St. Then driving down Atlantic Ave to the waterfront and paddling out at one of South Camden's hidden reef breaks. Ahhh, the smell of trash and the Puerto Rican kids trying to break into our car where things that just lighted-up the senses. Seeing an overhead wall forming from deep in the Delaware on magical SW swells was the greatest thing in the world.

Oh anyways, I didn't say you said anything negative aboot New Jersey, you took all of your hate of NJ, your anger at the world, and transferred it upon myselves. And that's ok, man. Listen if you need to talk to someone, I'm a big PEANUTS fan, so I'll charge you 5 cents for a 50 minute session. What a bargain !! Wow...........