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Thread: suggestions

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    Was recently introduced to Bing's short board line
    I like that board! I had a Sweepea and really like it but felt like I needed a change (in a rut) and purged myself of all my bings. I would still highly recomend them, Matt Calvani makes some great alternative shapes.

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    go to your local shaper. you'll get a board fine tuned towards your specific needs and the waves you get in your area.
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    yeah i donno im on board for the eps now been riding piercesons for awhile now and pretty stoked with the customs it took like 5 years for the shapers to stop tryn to talk me into bigger boards but i think were finally on same page. but for me anyway, theyre just right now i donno if i could do much less float work sick when its firing but in the really small weak stuff its a struggle i go and see my boy at the local shop and hes baffled at how small what im riding when i try to get direction on a small wave board he is reluctant to try and steer me anymore all that being said thanks for all the suggestions guys much appreciated

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    hey guys i checked out the sweet potato i donno not really sure about it looks kinda to rounded up front for me what about the dominator will that work in the knee to waisthigh range for a 200 lb guy

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    Any more info on the Bing rude boy above? Dims? Doesn't seem to be on their website. Wonder what niche this is supposed to fill. I have a dharma which is great, but I sometimes wish I could turn it a little harder. Was thinking a bing musket might be the answer, but this looks like an interesting alternative.

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    Yea supposedly Bing's updating their site...I'm about 5'11"x165lbs+-. Rude boy is 5'6"x20 1/4"x 2 1/2"--this one was a good deal on it. Board is big for my size and different from what I'm used to...but fun in the small stuff. I find that you can really whip this thing around fairly easily...prefers to be ridden off the tail. If you have a dharma...I would say this would be right up your alley...

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    Definitely with koki barrells, firewire sweet potato.

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    To add more fuel to the fire, Brian Bulkley is back in Cal shaping. He makes amazing boards, he has several small wave models and he does excellent customs. Google his name to see his experience - used to ride quads @ Pipe in the 80's
    I have had 2 customs from him in the past -he is great to work with, (and excellent prices)
    Email and talk to him


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    I have been looking at Bing boards recently as well. The Dharma looks like a wave catching machine. Zippy was there are large difference between the Dharma and the Sweepea? What did you find were the major differences? Thanks!

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    The Sweepea had a more arching turning radius than the Dharma. The dharma was really fast down the line but was relatively difficult to turn hard other than pivoting off of one of the square corners. I found that the dharma could loose some speed if you wanted to drop in and fade into a bottom turn to come verticle (which I like to do). These were all issues on smaller surf, bigger stronger surf, even rounder big waves were fine, maybe even great on the Dharma. The Sweepea seemed to keep its speed off of the bottom a bit better but was not as fast down the line without input from the rider. I rode the Dharma in El Salvador on some well over head waves and it was fun, I would have liked to have the Sweepea down there although I did try my little 5'6" Dharma on the first day in El Salvador in head high surf and it was almost impossible for me to catch a wave on it. Not sure why but it was tough and I ate it a few times on what would be considered huge waves around here, lol.
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