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    if only Parko hadnt won that world title last year you couldve saved yourself $50

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    Did you get that from T Moore directly? If so, did you just email him?
    I've been wanting to get a board from him, but his site doesn't really help

    Quote Originally Posted by bushwood View Post
    I like the Pier Pony, but this is my small wave stick. A Tommy Moore slop rod, wave catching ability of a mini -sims, but much better performance capabilities.

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    I got a used pier pony off this site actually,its a cool board,easy to catch waves and to turn,but not as fast as I would like, I think due to the pronounced v. I agree new js prices are out of control and the better thing to do would be support local shapers,those things are coming from Australia and are mass produced, overpriced and overhyped.

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    That's your local shop raping you. Unsound in NY has the over $100 cheaper than that.

    Quote Originally Posted by SJerzSrfr View Post
    i was just in my local shop checking out boards. JS are running $725 without fins and $745 with fins!!!! WTF. that is absolutely insane. i thought CI's were bad, but JS just surpassed CI. find a shop that sells something from a local shaper. a lot of the local guys are making very similar shapes to the big boys and are selling for $150 less. or go to the shaper yourself and get an even better deal.

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    I have been riding my fart knocker a lot and its fun as hell and its fast too, I know people give all this crap about Chinese boards and I understand that but airs and punts are awesome on it and it's holding very other than stupid mistakes made my me.

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    my point was all that my boards have them and i like them idgaf if theyre revolutionary lol i can use them to there full potential and thats fine with me.. what works for me might not work for you. i wasnt sure if the fartknocker had them.

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    I see Quiet Flight has the "Pylon". looks really interesting

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    check out the lost bottom feeder its a blast to ride catches anything and will hold in bigger stuff . i ride a 5'8 and im 6' 195 lbs

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    yeah, the bottom feeder looks really intriguing, too. I'm riding a quiet flight "Atlas" right now (something between a lost rocket and a V2) - it's fast, turns great and I really love it, but the bottom feeder might be my next addition

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    well i ended up gettin a 5'4 pier pony! my buddys dad runs a surfshop at the shoreand he got it for me for the shops cost ... $525. still pricey but alot better then the 745 they sell them for. and i rode it once so far, due to the fact i got it 3 days ago. its a great small wave board. pretty responsive and can we whipped around very well!! i thought it was a good purchse.