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    Buy some wocal wax or don't buy wax at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by leetymike808 View Post
    but kookie....what about the bottom of the gota get a good coat on there to. It helps when you're in the barrel to stay locked in on the face.

    I say keep it just in the area that is concave. And in vertical rows so they act as channels. Very hydrodynamic.
    Bro dont post unless you you the search function on this thread. This has been covered in depth..

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    eh i just skipped straight to the end. F reading all that middle with the re-emerging issue.

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    Hands down wax is the most expensive in the surfworld. Has anyone tried candlewax or gumwax? Every time I go to the shop I walk out feeling dirty used and ripped off. Id make my own but I dont have a beard.

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    I use a black Crayola Crayon. I write a complete copy of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
    by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, on my board. Sorry, I wax poetic.

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    Speaking of rime its that time of the season for icey beards..

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    Quote Originally Posted by KookieMonster View Post
    Has anyone tried candlewax or gumwax?
    i only use 100% natural earwax from coastal godesses.