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    Kechele Weird Beard

    kechele-weird-beard-surfboard-2013.jpg<br /><br />Anyone have a review of this board. Looks fun for small east coast **** waves.

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    matt makes good boards, but he's really been quite the copycat lately: ufo=pod, sprocket=rocket, weird beard=neck beard (although these boards don't have much in common)
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    Do you mean the CI boards and kechele boards don't have much in common other than the name? I've seen a 5'6 weird beard at my shop... I like the extra foam up front and the swallow tail. Thinking about ordering a custom one.

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    Weird Beard Kechele
    Weirdo Ripper CI
    Neck Beard Ci

    Anything in common?

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    I'd much rather support Kech than CI...

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    I was surfing a few years back, it was pretty big and powerful. I just got out when a guy came walking up the beach with a kech broken in half. I said bummer, what u gonna do now? He said toss it. So I took it, put it back together. A real Frankenstein job too, it was my first broken board repair. Looked nasty.

    SURFED GREAT! Sold it for a little more than the cost of materials to repair it. Kech makes awesome boards.