Dude. I have been open minded to a lot of the sh*t you say. I understand that people have different views on things and try to learn from them. I know that my view is not always right and can learn from others.
But James Salami?!? Really? You're jus a douche bag. The man is dead and you call him names? Whether you like him as an actor or not. By all accounts he was a nice generous human. Acting was his job.
YOU should be ashamed of yourself

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yo, why you bashing?

first of all, I came across this article this morning, so I posted it b/c it pertains to this thread.

secondly, if you read the article, it talks about how James Salami likely ignored symptoms that he was going to have this fatal heart attack, and he could likely have avoided it.

if you want my take on it the alphabet organizations conspired to kill him as a diversionary tactic, so the dumbed down masses would focus on him and not the U.S. arms build-up all around Syria.