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    Aug 2011
    I don't like to frustrate myself with small waves (less than solid waist-high). When it gets small it's time for fishing and spearing. Problem with this summer so far is all the rain we've had--it's made the water really cloudy.

    I took a long lunch today, grabbed my spearing gear and headed to WB South End. The water looked pretty clear from the beach but it turned out really silty no matter how far out I went, less than 4' of vis. At least I got to go swimming, I guess.

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    May 2013
    Virginia Beach
    Summer time is for longboarding, helping the kids to surf, fishing, and drinking "Gatorade" and talking story on the beach. If my short boards come out its because some pagan-esk ritual brought us waves.... at least that's what I like to believe.

    Does no one go by the motto more than a handful is a waste. A B-cup can be amazing on the right body... but then again I'm partial to the Asian/Pac-Islander and true-latin women of the world so anything above a C is a double take.