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    Some Heady IPAs:
    1. Hoptimum (Sierra Nevada) - Whole-cone Imperial IPA 100 IBU
    2. Ruination IPA (Stone Brewing)
    3. Hoppyium (Foothills Brewing)
    4. West Coast IPA (Green Flash Brewing)
    5. Hop Devil (Victory Brewing)

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    Had that Hoptimum at a beer festival in Norfolk last month, it's awesome. Sierra is great for a larger, more commercial brewery. Haven't had anything of theirs that I didn't like

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    Sweetwater IPA and COAST Hopart are my go to after surf beers. I also enjoy a good Berlinerweiss or Gose, for some added hydration.

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    winter time = stouts
    summer time = whitbiers

    also a big fan of long trail double bags. not for the higher ABV they taste really good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlrouen View Post
    Some Heady IPAs:

    4. West Coast IPA (Green Flash Brewing)
    we are getting a giant Green Flash brewery here in VB soon enough... http://greenflashbrew.com/virginiabeach.php

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    Summertime is all about can beer iced down in a cooler for me:

    Dale's (Oskar Brewing)
    Hogwild (Aviator Brewing)
    Modus Hoperandi (Ska Brewing)
    Tecate with some lime, the rim filled with Cholula and a little salt dusting
    High Life

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    A good pilsner or IPA is usually what I go for. Winter time it's gonna be something hearty...typically Palo Santo Marron for me

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    Friends Homebrew vanilla porter in winter and ommegang BPA for summer are my favorites. . . .but pretty much Budweiser

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    In my drinking days, it was "Ice Cold Beer". Three beautiful words to see on a roadside sign. It didn't matter what brand, although Coors seemed to be the one I drank most often.
    Years ago, while in college, a buddy and I went backpacking for several days in the Sierras. It was summer, and I bought a sixer of Coors. Stuck it under some rocks in a cold mountain stream (like the commercial) at the beginning of our hike. Days later, on the way back to the car, we retrieved that cold, cold beer. We were hot, dusty, and tired. Never had beer tasted better.

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    Stella or anything else light. I save the Lagers for the bad, stressed out days