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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    I must be missing the point of this. I'm not talking about me and a SUP going for the same wave, I'm referring to any out of control SUP coming my way and it's certainly happened multiple times this spring. Then again, my post couldn't have been more facetious, and no logical analysis necessary if I'm talking about Mortal Kombat moves on people. A learning stick sounds cool - do you just hold it and gain knowledge through osmosis?

    C'mon brah, we were just all thoughtfully responding to your inner-most desires and fears and happy to do so. Let's stay in the tree of trust! If not, we'll never be able to go to the Olive Garden again and let our imagination roam about that waitress.
    I was not aware of your recent encounters, though i'm sure it has happened, cause it's happened to me as well. The "point" however is just to let you know that some SUPers have more skill on their raft then many others may have on their favorite HPSB, and it wouldn't be wise to treat them as a kook or as someone lower on the food chain simply by seeing what wave riding vehicle they are on, as skill and etiquettte should be the only things that matter.

    If you are getting cut off though, you might want to ask yourself or others why you think that's happening. Sometimes it's obvious that someone is just learning and some of the more experienced guys may take that as a sign of weakness and "snake" you just because "they can". It happens, seen it first hand, and it's not cool, but it's reality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    I also thoroughly enjoy the elation of pulling up to see waves cranking, then sprinting to the water in a maniacal cackling laughter.
    That's what I would say . Anticipation of everything to come ,,,or not.

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    Paddling away from the crowd and seeing that perfect peak rolling in, knowing that your the only one in position to get it.

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    nothing beats the barrel, or the pure "holy ****!" moment after a great wave.

    but a not-yet mentioned is that first pump off the bottom turn when your up on the highline, and the board feels weightless, and you realize the wave is your canvas. nothing better than seeing a wall of water ahead of you, and having the speed and position to do whatever you want with it.

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    ^^^+1...So far in the barrel watching the lip coming down in front of you and then the spit out...what a feeling!!!

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    yep, the barrel is the best part...always has been, always will be.

    Unfortunately, we rarely get barrels where I surf. It's almost always onshore to an extent...I ride a lot of foam.

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