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    +1 on new trailers. I found with twins and quads, you need to be more on the rail. You may be used to relying solely on the fins when riding your thruster. Start your turns slow and then whip them.

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    I got a quad that I traded a few years ago with a freind and really never rode it cause I didn't like it. Then years later I switched out the fins for a smaller trailing fin set and now love it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by njsurfer42 View Post
    3/4" is a HUGE difference in fin size! if you're riding 4.5" fronts, i'm not surprised the 4.25" rears were too much!
    I underestimated the difference, what can I say. Only rode thrusters and single fins up until 3 years ago. The shaper talked me in to a quad and I loved it almost immediately. Then I broke a trailer fin and while at the shop, the guy suggested smaller trailers. It's not that the board rode bad before the switch, just that I didn't know how good it could get!

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    depending on what fin system you have you can alter the way it rides. more cant = more grip and visa versa. with fcs you can modify the angles a little bit with wedges or sanding and cranking on the screws. with futures (cant in the base) your kinda stuck with what you got... sorta. that and fin shapes. less rake on the rears loosens it up a lot, and flip/vee out the back too. wings will help on those wide tails.
    lots of good thoughts/info on this thread. quads are tricky to nail.
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    my experience with more "cant" on fins is that they significantly slow a board down in small waves. Canted fins are great for high performance, snappy turns in punchy waves, but straighter fins have less resistance/drag and, imo, are faster in weak waves
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