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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddington Jetty Bear View Post
    Seldom, sorry ese. Man, in Jersey you still got some room to isolate yourself and breath. These other states seem horrible with limited spots and too many clowns. Well, it's in our DNA ...It's in our blood.......Cause we're stronger than the storm.... whoa oh oh oh oh.
    All good holmes, I'm not stressing it...I guess it was the first time it really felt like summer in the water for me, and i suppose I coulda found a more isolated peak.

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    scored a solo sesh here for a few hours tonight super rippable through the out side with an inside barrel section and surfed some super bowly lefts at Man. Inlet yesterday with from 10am-8:30pm so sick weekend!

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    Bombs all weekend long in Strathmere despite the chop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Cosby's nephew View Post
    Man I got cut off so many times by old men on longboards.. That's all VB is nowadays. Old know-it-alls on logs
    I hear ya man.

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    Surfs up, fish are biting, and not much happening at work for like a week straight. And we're going into a holiday weekend.
    What a way to start the summer!