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    bottom feeder - what size?

    I want a Lost Bottom Feeder, but don't know which size to get. I'm 48 yo, 6'1" and 180 pounds (probably 185 with a wetsuit, which I wear year-round). I'm intermediate skill, but, I only get to surf a few days a month, so my paddling could be better.

    The 5'10 bottom feeder (39 L vol) sounds about right, but I'm worried it's going to be too beefy...should I go 5'8"?

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    I've got a 5'9" - for comparison, I am 5'11", 175 - and I wish mine was a bit smaller, probably 5'8", maybe even 5'7". The flip side is, the extra volume makes it so I catch even more waves on a board that already excels at catching anything. I've literally surfed like mid-shin wave on it and been able to turn and generate speed down the line. I do surf my bottom feeder even in like head high waves though, unless its really hollow, and on the upper end especially, I find myself wishing I had a little less length and foam in general. (Sidenote: bottom feeder quad with nubster in head high waves is a blast!) So it's kind of a two-sided coin. Personally, if I were you, I would go 5'8", but I am a bit younger and might paddle a little bit better based on your description

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    Read this (post and comments), ton of good info here.

    Never ridden one so take this with a grain of salt, but have been seriously considering getting one for my next board and have been doing a ton of research on it. I am just about your size and am thinking 5'8".
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    talked to a rep and he said 5'10" was actually a good I ordered one. (due to independence day, they won't start shaping for a few days, so I can change my mind if someone else talks me into it...)

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    I'm 6'3 and 180 and i got the 5'8 could have gone smaller.i wouldnt go bigger if i were you the thing paddles and catch wave so easy

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfislife View Post
    I'm 6'3 and 180 and i got the 5'8 could have gone smaller.i wouldnt go bigger if i were you the thing paddles and catch wave so easy
    Have you ridden yours in knee high, gutless onshore waves? me, that's what the target for this board is

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    Check out the lazy boy and coach potato as well!

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    Good call on the BF. I have a 5'4" and I'm 5'8" 145lbs. You'll love it.

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    i think the bottom feeder works best at thigh to chest high waves if you looking for more of a groveler i would go with the coach potato..

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    well, I took your advice and switched the bottom feeder down to a 5'8". These things are sold out, so I'm lucky I found one in stock

    Yeah, the couch potato is the ultimate groveler (other than an LB), but I think it's ugly. However, if the BF doesn't work out in our summer waves, I will get the CP
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