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  1. old 4/3 ripcurl stinks/washing machine?

    hey everybody...

    i've got an older 4/3 ripcurl that's a bit worn out. i now wear it as a 3/2; i'll wear it down to the 58-60 degree mark, any colder than that and i freeze in it. well, the thing stinks. i was wondering if i can wash it on the "cold/delicate" cycle in my machine with some 20 Mule Borax or something like that. any ideas?

    thanks in advance

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    Hand wash with baby shampoo. Hang inside out in shade with summer zephyr to dry.

    There are special products for wetsuits(especially if stink is real bad), but this has worked for me.

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    Bru -

    One term for your solution:
    Rip Curl Piss Off

    Get some stat.

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    an older rip curl? get a new suit.

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    I've got a Rip Curl 4:3 thats about 2 years old that I've been throwing in the washer a few times now .If you go that route just make sure there is no sand on it.Its probably not the best thing I can do for my suit but I haven't had any issues doing it so far.I figure another couple years I"ll probably get a new one anway.

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    piss off work great

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    what does it smell like?

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    The wetty or the Piss Off? Couldn't say what this dude's wetty reeks like but I'm banking on bad. Piss Off smells damn good. Everyone needs it.

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    seeing as your username is johnnydon'tsurf i'll assume your a sponger. sharks love mammal piss. your like a little fishing lure at this point.