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    Quote Originally Posted by goosemagoo View Post
    HAHA I forget relatives names at family reunions but I still remember both WRV surf report numbers.
    Could still remember the two I used to call, not many phone numbers committed to memory these days but those still are...used to get soo pi$$ed when you'd call and get a busy signal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave View Post
    In summertime, the the weather systems that cause waves are smaller and shorter-lasting than in other seasons. Like for example in Summer I'll follow a Low through the Midwest and try to predict when in the next 2 days will be the best 2-4 hour window. If I'm right, I score -- usually without too much in the way of non-local crowds either -- since most surfers under 35 seem to be wholly reliant on free websites to try to predict swells. In Fall for example, its a different story, with some tropical system coming up the coast thats been tracked since the coast of Africa, the window for waves is much wider, like 1-3 days instead of 2-4 hrs, so its just so much easier for you and the rest of the sheep herd to stumble across decent waves.
    Thanks Dave! Def helps with the understanding of fall/winter vs summer forecasting...

    As usual, tomorrow morning isn't look like anything that they originally called for (2'-4')... looking more like knee, maybe waist highs. I'll take it though!

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    @6 SEC ...last time i saw a swell interval that low the waves didnt tip over

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    For me in NJ it was is the Island Style and Moceans surf report that are burned into my memory. Now that I'm thinking of it I can't remember the moceans number clearly. Anyone remember that number, was something like 570-0557?

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    eastern lines and spellbinders for me 7326816407 7325311028

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    842-4024 who else in NJ has that number seared into their memory? I can remember hanging up and redialing that number 50 times a day to get around a busy signal or to get the update.