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    In major areas it has, surfing sometimes isn't all about doing it because its just damn fun. Even though im pretty young, i feel like surfing back in the 70's was such a mystery, no computerized forecasts, spots were kept secret, board shapers were local while now you have nike making boards. Intentions were pure as there was no money in the sport
    nike making boards? or paying people to put stickers on them? don't do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHREDSLED View Post
    Ruin it for who? I still like surfing so it's not ruined for me. However, I (nor 95% of us) did not surf prior to the proliferation of pro surfing so who am I to say if it ruined what surfing was?
    your right. surf comps used to be on abc wide world of sports! eddie aikau was on TV. i assume 'ruined' is referring to crowds? only not breeding could have stopped that.

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    In my eyes, pro surfing has been nothing but positive for everyone in the surfing community. People don't just pack their bags, move to the beach and give up their whole lives because they watched Kelly Slater surfing on sports center. You are either a surfer or your are not. You were most likely born to do it...

    I used to love when the tour would come to trestles. Everywhere from Windansea to Oceanside was empty, so you could score while everyone was up north...

    But anyway, to me, pro surfing has elevated the entire sport to a new level. The only way for progression to really happen is through competition. We all competed to be better than our friends, or our other locals... but at the end of the day, that only takes you so far. The fact that guys in OZ see what guys in Orange County are doing, and it makes them all progress too on an international level, it has made what we do progress light years ahead of what guys were doing a few decades ago....

    And aside from the progression and the fact that every "surfer" who has been shortboarding for 5 or 6 years has a few airs in their bag of tricks and the things that were once ground breaking are just common place for most of us... its pretty interesting, it it is because of pro surfing.

    Pro surfing gives me some sort of justification for what we do. What we work so hard to do... Its to the point now, where if you have a good session these days, people are blown away by it. People see a nice hack or a little air, especially down on HHI and you are a celebrity on the beach with all the kids and tourons... And when people see on sportcenter's top 10, some pro surfer doing what was impossible a few years ago, it really justifies all of our hard work to me. I mean, we see rugby highlights, but not Kelly Slater a few years ago when he through that ridiculous backside 360 air off the lip at Huntington? I mean, that should have made the top 10 for the whole year in sports, not just that day... But to hear other people in the sports world that really don't know surfing say, damn... that was amazing.

    And everyone that sees pro surfing thinks the same thing... Man I wish I could do that. Man, I wish I could surf... And yes, that is where some of the crowds happen... But I pay anyone on the back who wants to get involved in the ocean... There is more than enough to share. I dont care where you live or who you are... Like ive said before, if you find yourself surrounded by crowds and kooks everytime its good out, you should reconsider how local you really are. If I can find pretty empty waves on a sick swell in August in San Diego, I really dont like hearing complaints from guys that surfed Tourmo and, man it was soooo crowded. Well no Sh** genious. Its not Kelly Slater's fault guys are packed up in PB. Thats because everyone who has ever been out west to visit has seen people shredding, and 5 year olds to 65 years all want in on it... Its not TVs fault or the media... People just see it and they want in on it, and I dont blame em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AtanticO View Post
    your right. surf comps used to be on abc wide world of sports! eddie aikau was on TV. i assume 'ruined' is referring to crowds? only not breeding could have stopped that.
    Despite the consequences, there is no way I will ever support not breeding. No chance, brah. It's here to stay, at least for this guy.

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    i agree with Zach619. waves to be had everywhere. nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. and to further Zach619's point, what else is there to do anymore? most 'things to do' are too structured, expensive and downright boring. when i leave my house all i see is box stores and houses, till i get to the beach. who wouldn't want to surf?