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    musically inclined

    anyone play any instuments or you just a water slappin retard
    if so what kind and what genres of music do you jam to..
    ill start it I play acoustic, banjo, ukulele and like rock, alt rock, bluegrass, reggae, folk. I like listening to punk rock but its a different ball game playing that then what im used to

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    VA Beach
    There was a similar thread earlier this year, but I'll play along.
    Banjo (clawhammer), clarinet, harmonica.
    An eclectic mix: New Orleans jazz, classical, early 70s rock, Mo-Town, Country (not so much the current stuff), Old Time.

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    Not a day without my LP, dabble in piano, bang on pots, pans, and steering wheel aka perc, nothing professionally obv.
    Stuck in earlier day rock feel, anywhere from destroyers to mountain, too many to list. Playing style varies a lot on mood, drink, and available pedals. Picked up a harmonica in D to match drop D gtr tuning, figured out Bb sounds better...beats me

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    not belmar
    i played the flute for two weeks in fifth grade.

    inb4 "omg wasn't that last year lololo"

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    Shoting Piers in Honeyton
    I play guitar with a project band. I can also play bass, lap steel and a little uke.

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    Acoustic. I used to play it a lot and was decent.... I hardly touch it any more. I keep telling myself I need to start up again. In 4th and 5th grade I used to play the violin. I wish I would have never given that up

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    Played guitar (electric) in bands on and off for years. Just got tired leaving a bar at 3am. I play out in the summer time doing gigs and weddings. Mainly playing (acoustic) slide on the resonator. Weddings are rough but 100-200 an hour is hard to pass up. Playing some bass just for a change as well, but the resonator is where my hearts at. I love open tunings and could mess around with them all day.

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    Play guitar and bass. I like and play a wide variety of music. I have played bass with a Clash tribure band and a Pixies tribute band, as well as originla/cover band. Guitar with a rock/blues band. First gig I played bass on I was nervous as hell. The gig was from 2:00am until 6:00am in the morning. We were mostly what was called alternative music in the 80's. Anyway, the bar sold out of every beer they had we got paid, laid and a free buzz. Rock and Roll!

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    I earn a good living with my guitar.

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    Been playing in bands for years, mainly guitar. Hard rock\metal (like Sabbath\Soundgarden\Tool). PM me if interested and I'll send you the website.